How do you remove negative thoughts when you fail?

I think I am surely eligible to answer this question as I have failed badly in my life.

My story of failure.

From my childhood I wanted to be a cricketer . In 2015 I decided to give my time and life to cricket. I dropped my studies fighting with my parents for cricket. I played zonal level in 2018. Other side I had a huge crush on a girl from 7 years. At that time being a cricketer and getting my crush in my life was everything for me. At the end of 2017 my father’s business was ruined and came to end. Our family lots it’s regular income and we were in economic crises. My fee and leaving cost was so much that my father couldn’t fulfilled as our family was surviving without any income. Than for my dream I started to work in bars as server. Again in 2018 I got chance I even performed well because of politics my place was given to other guy. As I heard this news I was in tears. I lost all hopes than seeing my family conditions I decided to gave up. In some time my crush’s marriage took place. I was really broken. I even felt this life is waste for me. I started consuming drugs and all but after some days I realized that I have change , I should leave my life happily. Than I decided to to bring back my confidence , positivity, happiness in my life.

Here are some steps I took to change my self.

1.firstly I made my brain to believe that cricket and my crush was just part of my life without them also I can be happy.

2.if you want change your situation then first change yourself. I started to make myself better . Like workout, meditation and watching positive spiritual videos to know the way of life.

3. leave your past. If you want to move forward and make your life happy than you have to forget your past.

4. Setting new goals. Set new goals and educate yourself to those.

5. Going to new places and meeting new peoples.

6. Be fearless. Remember what ever happens it happens for some cause . If something very bad happened with you but also you are positive ,steady than something good awaits for you.

7. Have a smiling face. Believe me, it will work for you.

8. If you create your value everyone respects you and if You don’t value of yourself than no one cares about you. So just love yourself and focus on yourself to make yourself better day by day.

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HOW TO BE HAPPY according to the view of Buddha.

1.never hate anyone coz your life is so beautiful and if you start hating than your life looses the value of love. So ignore bad people and start loving good people.

2.if you have any problem in your life than try to change it,take action on it you should not worry in your life.

3.simple living like respecting people , maintaining your health, having well disciplined life.

4.dont expect more in life always expect a little in your life.

5.Lord Buddha says “if you know what I know about value of giving than you will not miss any chance to share “. SO share a lot with the people who is in need.

6.always have a smile on face. is a small gap between birth and death. So in this gap be happy and try to make others happy. Enjoy every moment of life.

8.every situation in life is temporary . When your life is good you enjoy and receive it. If life is not so good remember that it will not last forever.

9.happiness is a choice not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you it can only come from you. be happy it’s very important to not dwell in the past,do not dream in the future, concentrate mind on the present moment.

11.happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are ,it depends on what you think.

12.your mind will always believe everything you tell it,so

Feed it with faith

Feed it with happiness

Feed it with trust

Feed it with love.

13. Happiness is a art of never holding in your mind the memory of unpleasant thing that passed .

14. A disciplined and clear mind brings happiness.

15.judge nothing,you will be happy.

Forgive everything,you will be happier

Love everything , you will be happiest.

16.happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they have .

17.if u have any bad experience than learn to let it go which is secret of happiness.

18. If you think that you have to achieve something to be happy than you are wrong, remember is a journey not a destination.

The factors which make you good looking than you thought you would be.

Firstly the guy whose in above pic it’s me . The pic with school dress was clicked when I was 10th and the pic with my eye winking was took after 4 years .

So you can see the transformation I gone into. It was easy for me no it was not. Was it hard for me no it was not. I just changed my certain habits in my daily life.

You must have heard the saying that “if you are rich you automatically transform yourself” but their is another saying “if you want to change your life than start from yourself” which I believe. So stop waiting to be rich and start working on yourself.

Firstly you have to understand that everything needs time you will not get anything overnight. You have to give 3-4 months for time and attention towards it and get ready to spend some money.

The factors which make you more good looking are:-

1. Right amount of sleep.

You should get 6 hours of sleep minimum and 8 hours maximum. Not more or less than 6-8 hours . If you sleep more chances are their you will be lazy and that is not good if you wanna transform yourself. If you sleep less than you can’t be active ,you will get dark circles, and off course will not do your work properly.

2.morning or evening workout.

However you are at present fat, thin or normal with loose body than you should aim to be fit . This thing you should make it as a habit as if u leave the workout than you will be back in your shape . I recommend you to finish your workout before 8 am .

3.proper diet

So your diet depends on you . Some amount of research is needed to get your proper diet. The diet has to be decided on basis of your weight, your height and your economic situation. So I will give you full explanation and chart of diet considering each and every aspect. For this you have to follow me.


So you have to get a suitable facewash for yourself. Like I use garnier men’s powerlight which suits me but my friend uses clean&clear which suits him but not me. I observed that if you use one facewash from long time than it suits you good and if you change suddenly than it may take time to work on you. I advice you that if you pick one face wash than stick to it.

You have to wash your face before sleeping and after you get up which is must and compulsory and if you go outside somewhere than as soon as you get into your house wash your face.

5. Be tension free

So it’s very important to be mentally healthy for good and fast progress. Some what tension is ok .

6.classy haircut and it’s maintainance.

So you have to get one decent and suitable haircut for you . I will talk about haircuts in my next blog as it is total different topic and needs brief explanation. So follow my blog for that.

I request you not to use any fake things which will promise you to make more glowing,fit without any struggle or work. Rather than that you have to make your belief system strong.

If you like to see yours better version than follow me . I am not a expert but I transformed myself without any fake product and anybody’s advice. So I want you people to do it. please leave your comment down.

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